Tools available to help service users and mental health services

Northern Region Recovery College

The Recovery College offers everyone including those who have lived experience, carers, staff, volunteers and members of the general public the opportunity to learn from each other and to develop skills to manage their own recovery journey or to begin a new one.

Everyone has challenges, everyone can learn. Recovery college courses provide the opportunities to encourage individual recovery, wellness, empowerment, progress and life-long learning. For more information click on the College tab on the menu bar.

WRAP (Wellness and Recovery Action Planning)
WRAP is a self-management and recovery tool to help those with mental health difficulties. Service users can create their own recovery action plan, set out goals for themselves and how they get there.

The five main elements of WRAP include:

People who experience mental health difficulties get well, stay well and go on to meet their life dreams and goals.

Personal responsibility
It is up to you, with the assistance of others, to take action and do what needs to be done to keep yourself well.

Learn all you can about what you are experiencing so you can make good decisions about all aspects of your life.

Effectively reaching out to others so that you can get what it is that you need, want and deserve to support your wellness and recovery.

While working toward your wellness is up to you, receiving support from others, and giving support to others will help you feel better and enhance the quality of your life.

Mental Health Recovery Star
The Mental Health Recovery Star is a tool that is used by people with mental health needs to help them think about where they are in terms of recovery and the progress they are making

The Recovery Star encourages people to look at ten main areas of their life:

• managing mental health
• self-care
• living skills
• social networks
• work
• relationships
• addictive behavior
• responsibilities
• identity and self esteem
• trust and hope