Aaron’s story – Dark Days

I’m a king without a throne, A knight without a country.
Who would give me a piece of bread and a glass of water for my thirst and hunger.
A fool for a day, only a fool would be king for a day, I’m not that fool!

In a dream, strange things were flying all around in the night sky, where the golden eagles fly.
Should you cry or should you die. Does anyone know why?
These are dark days if the angels come clean or if they are to be seen.
These are strange days indeed.
There are UFO’s flying over New York and I don’t have a clue, so why go out and have a look when the howling wolfs of time and doom come crawling around.

Sometimes I sit up late at night wonder where did it all go wrong on such a bright moon lit night. One minute I was well and the next minute it all went to hell.
Who can you tell about such a bad spell? it’s clear to me now it’s all gone to hell.
No one can put up with my strange ways, so I drive late at night on the dark country roads in search of my lost heart and soul.
The darkness and aloneness that comes over me, it’s more than I can bear.
Dark voices in my mind say what’s the point of going on, end it now and we will look after you. Such dark thoughts that cloud my mind, must I live in such a world of fear, sadness and darkness to the end of time.

I’ve travelled the cosmos in my mind’s eye; heaven knows how I fly on such a dark windless night. Death has no meaning for me as I’ve travelled a million light years to be here.
I’ve seen the dawn of man, I’ve walked through this war torn land and I once stopped at a village so many years ago, a place they call Bethlehem so many years ago.

There, a holy man gave me some water, then he looked at me and I looked at him and we could see, we were so different in a strange way.
So you see there is nothing new to say about thee. So there is no more mystical tales to tell about thee for the sands of time in the hour glass are almost gone out, that I have no doubt.
When the sands are gone so shall I on such a moon lit night.

For some strange reason I find myself walking on death’s lonely dark highway.
Maybe I’m feeling a little insane, maybe life has too much pain or maybe I want to be sane for one last time.
A wish that’s almost dead for I know the evil that’s in men’s hearts.
Can a bad seed be planted and a good plant grow?

Who owns the birds in the sky or the trees standing by and who owns the mountain streams that run by or the earth we live on.
The answer is that when we are all dead and gone and forgotten in the midst of time.
The earth will still be here and so will the mountain streams, can we all be so blind that we cannot see that we are killing ourselves to live.
We are being told how to dress and how to live from what we see on tv and the press, we are told what to read and what to eat from tv and the press, so we are being controlled in so many mays we cannot express and this they call freedom.
So I say to all you comrades be loyal to none and be free from our sick messed up society.