A Message of Hope

Absent due to depression. That’s what was on the sick-note I handed into my employer on a regular basis. It could so easily have applied to me as well, for I was as absent from life as I was from work.

Struggle as I did, my employment finally came to an end and with it almost every social aspect of my life. Go away colleagues, go away friends, go away neighbours, loved ones and all.

Not that I didn’t try. Again and again I tried, and again after that. Doing this, doing that, but nothing ever seemed to help. I talked to one, I talked to all, I talked to myself and I talked to the wall – but nothing ever helped.

Then in deepest despair, the wings of an Angel – one – two – three. The help that I needed, the comfort, the guidance, now look and see, I’m back to me!

Let’s not think of years lost, but of the future to come, dreams yet to fulfil and prizes won. The future you see is now up to me, I’m no longer shackled – no longer a ‘tomb’!

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